Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So hot scandals

Oh, it’s such a hot morning in Dar es Salaam. Myself I was just sweating as I arrived at the venue, which has a bit tricky name, Tanzania Global Development Learning Centre, usually referred to as TGDLC. It’s probably one of the best places in Tanzania for having workshops like this where you need to have good computer facilities and a fast connection to the internet all the time. And here inside in the multimedia classroom it’s heavily air-conditioned and cool, even cold for me. But others are not complaining.

Right now the participants are making new postings to their blogs. The topic: some views and opinions on what we did yesterday, with wishes and expectations for coming days as well. I will do my best to provide links to participants’ blogs later today.

Outside class, news are big this morning. Three new high level corruption charges in the so called EPA scandal involving both politicians and businessmen. All newspapers are running headlines big as cats on the EPA issue. One of them shows a picture of a shameful suspect crying tears in court.

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