Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Challenges of the traditional media

This morning the workshop participants made postings on ideas they got after yesterdays training. One of the resources yesterday was a speech by Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul of News Corporation, given to American newspaper editors some time ago.

In his presentation, Mr. Murdoch described the challenges that especially the print media are facing as a younger generation doesn’t really read newspapers anymore, at least not in the USA. The youngsters want to get their news from other channels, usually via internet, where they can also send comments, forward stories to friends and join chat groups.

See the workshop participants’ reflections. Links are on the right.

John Solombi of Wapo Radio has written a good summary of Mr. Murdoch’s analysis. Jabir Idrissa of the weekly Mwanahalisi newspaper is doing the same while adding some entertaining narrative to it.

Lugano Mbwina, web editor of Mwananchi and Citizen newspapers, is not writing about Murdoch but believes the internet can in Tanzania add value to the newspaper. “The same company will retain its old readership for the print media while on the other hand creating a new digital constituent of internet users”, he concludes.

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