Friday, November 14, 2008

People like to see pictures

Today we have a guest lecturer at our workshop. My good friend Maggid Mjengwa has been running the show this morning on blogging and citizen journalism. Maggid is a trainer of adult education based in Iringa and a political columnist for the weekly Raia Mwema newspaper. But he’s also one of Tanzania’s most famous and admired bloggers.

So this morning Maggid has presented to us his blog and explained how he is doing it, how he started, some examples of the comments that visitors write to the blog. Maggid’s blog is a photo blog with daily postings from everyday life in Tanzania, both rural and urban. True images from Africa.

But his postings also include entertainment, such as links to local political cartoons – or a quiz about who is the person wearing the high-heal shoes on a picture. (Answer: the wife of John McCaine, I believe.)

Maggid’s family has other bloggers too. See the football blog of his 12-year-old son Olle Mjengwa.

Now participants themselves are adding images to their blogs and Maggid is showing how to crop and edit pictures. Stay tuned.

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